Together we can achieve

About Us

Vision & Values

Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery School has a broad and balanced curriculum which places learners at the heart and is driven by the school’s vision statement:

“Together we can achieve”

We aim to provide a coherent, structured and progressive curriculum that is based around high quality teaching and acquiring good subject knowledge, understanding and skill.

The curriculum is designed with the following aims in mind:


To place our pupils at the heart of our local community both as learners but also as role models to others helping them to become future community leaders.

Role Modelling

To provide a happy and safe environment where learners are proud and feel valued as part of our school family and they respect, tolerate and care for one another.


To enable learners to love learning, giving them the skill set to succeed in adulthood.


To enable learners to acquire strong foundations in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. To provide opportunities for learners to become an ‘expert’ as they gain subject specific knowledge, skill and understanding. They will become successful lifelong learners who have high expectations and aspirations.


To hold high expectations for our learning community and deliver an ambitious and well structured education for all.


To give our learners exciting and memorable experiences which develops a love, curiosity and thirst for learning and provides an awe and wonder of the world. This will allow them to grow spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, helping them to become independent thinkers.