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Keeping Healthy & Safe

Sports Specialist

We believe that our children deserve the highest quality delivery of sport throughout their time in our school. In order to improve fitness both physically and mentally we provide opportunities for our children to participate in sporting activities and events within school and in the wider community through various links to sporting organisations.

Our overall aim is to raise standards in physical activity increasing participation. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all through the employment of a primary sports specialist.

Mr Pearson Sports Specialist

My name is Mr Pearson and I have been appointed by the school as a specialist sports coach to work with all age groups across school. I take up this role with a wealth of experience behind me including a 15 year career as a professional footballer and 24 years of teaching and coaching within primary and secondary school settings.

My philosophy is to create a happy and enjoyable learning environment for all age groups that will enable them to develop their physical, mental and social skills. Every child matters and happy children are going to participate and try their best and that is all we can ask. The syllabus I deliver will give children a holistic range of activities and sports that are designed to improve all round fitness levels and fundamental skills. I will also try to improve their knowledge and understanding of different individual and team sports in preparation of moving up to secondary school

In addition to creating the right environment it is also important to try and make progress during lessons. When I was at school a teacher once said to me during a football lesson “Stop thinking about just winning all the time and think about becoming a better player.  The better player you become the more games you will win!” My challenge each lesson is always to improve the pupil.
Watching children develop in PE has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and I look forward to continuing my work here at Ryhill.

Keep smiling everybody!

Mr Pearson