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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium money is allocated to the school through the local authority. It is based on the number of children who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any time in the last six years, children who are in care and those whose parents are in the armed forces. Research shows that children from deprived backgrounds underachieve compared to their non-deprived peers. The premium is provided in order to support these pupils in reaching their potential. The school has the freedom to spend the pupil premium money, which is additional to the underlying schools budget, in a way it thinks best to support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils. School is accountable for narrowing the gap and data will include the attainment of pupils who receive the pupil premium compared with their peers.


Every child with his/her individual needs and gifts is unique and special.

All members of staff, governors and teaching assistants accept responsibility for ‘socially disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within a caring environment.

As with every child in our care, a child who is considered to be ‘socially disadvantaged’ is valued, respected and entitled to develop to his/her full potential, irrespective of need.

In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged.

We also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. We reserve the right to allocate the pupil premium funding to support any pupil or groups the school has legitimately identified as socially deprived.

Pupil Premium funding will be allocated following a needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Funding and resources mean that not all children receiving free school meals will be in receipt of pupil premium interventions at any one time.