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Important Information

The School Day

GroupStartFinishDaily HoursWeekly Hours
Nursery am08:4511:453 hrs15 hrs
Reception08:4515:156 hrs 30 mins32 hrs 30 mins
Year 1 to 608:4515:156 hrs 30 mins32 hrs 30 mins

*Doors open at 08:45am and children are expected to be ready in class by 08:50am.


It is vital that ALL lessons begin on time. Doors open at 8.45am.
If you are late come in through the main entrance and report to reception with the reason.

If you are off school for any reason, parents should inform school on the morning of the first day of absence as soon as possible, giving the reason for your absence.

Reminder to Parents & Carers

Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery School operate a 48 hour rule for sickness and diarrhoea. Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting must be kept off school until 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.

0 days off school100%Perfection!
Equates to 2 days off school each year99%Excellent
Equates to 5 days off school each year97%Good
Equates to 10 days off school each year95%Slight concern
Equates to 20 days off school each year90%Concerned
Equates to 30 days off school each year85%Very concerned
5 days absence over the whole year
20 days absence over the whole year
20+ days absence over the whole year
97% - 100%
Under 90%
Good chance of success and progress
Less chance of success. Harder to make progress
Detrimental to success and progress
(figures below are calculated over a school year)
5 minutes late each day
3 days lost!
10 minutes late each day
6.5 days lost!
15 minutes late each day
10 days lost!
20 minutes late each day
13 days lost!
30 minutes late each day
19 days lost!